Scientists say living near birds makes us as happy as a pay rise

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  • Study the Vocabulary
  • Watch the incredible video
  • Do the exercise
  • pay rise= when they give you more money for doing your job
  • salary= the money you get every month for doing your job
  • salary boost= pay rise
  • satisfaction= pleasure, happiness, joy
  • work out (verb)= calculate
  • diversity=variety
  • indicator= thing that shows something
  • biodiversity= the variety of animals and plants
  • surge (v)= increase suddenly, become greater
  • bird seed= seeds used for feeding birds
  • binoculars= special glasses to see things far away
  • backdrop= background, the things you can see behind something
  • be in decline= become less in quantity or power
  • face extinction (v)= slowly disappear , slowly die out
  • habitat= natural environment of an animal or plant
  • destruction= the act of destroying, severe damage
  • curb (v)= control
  • loss= when you lose something, when you don’t have it any more
  • poison (v)= kill someone or make them very ill by giving them poison
  • prop up (v)= help something to survive
  • well-being= being healthy and happy